Catatan Asep


Posted on: March 8, 2007

Love the luxury of hand soap but hate the price? To make your own, you can use soap scraps or start with a new bar of your favorite brand.

1.  Grate one bar <200 gram> of soap.
2.  Place the grated soap and 1 c. <240 ml> boiling water in a blender and set it on “whip.”
3.  Add 1 tbsp. <15 ml> honey and 1 tsp. <5ml> glycerin and stir.
4.  Cool the mixture for 15 to 20 minutes and whip again.
5.  Add cold water to the mixture until you have 6 c. <1420 ml>
6.  Whip the mixture again.
7.  Pour it into a storage container and let it cool. Do not place a lid on the container.
8.  Fill a pump dispenser with the soap. Shake before using.

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