Catatan Asep


Posted on: March 8, 2007

Making liquid soap is no more difficult than making hard bars.  The difference is in the type of lye you use.  For hard bars you use sodium hydroxide.  For liquid soap you use potassium hydroxide also known as Potash or KOH. Two Liquid Soap Recipes
Prepare the same way you would regular bar soap in a blender except use potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide and instead of pouring the solution into a mold you pour it into a plastic container to cure.  (The solution will take a little longer than regular soap to trace since you are using potassium hydroxide versus sodium hydroxide.)  Once in the container let the mixture cure for two weeks.  After two weeks thin the mix with water until it is about the consistency of hand soap.  At this point you can add any essential oils or fragrances you desire.  You can use a stick or regular blender for this step also. After it is mixed pour the soap into a pump jar type container and you are done.

12 oz Palm Oil
6 oz coconut oil
2 oz Evening primrose or grapeseed oil
4.1oz POTASSIUM hydroxide
8 ounces water

12 ounces Soybean oil
2 ounces Coconut Oil
2 ounces Palm Oil
2 ounces Avocado Oil
3.4 ounces POTASSIUM hydroxide
7.2 ounces water


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